Duvets types and fillings

Fibres, feather/down and specialty hair fibre: high-tech meets nature

Different types of fibre duvets

Summer duvet

Ultralight duvet

Extremely light summer duvet which is ideal for very low heat demand. For the Ultralight duvet, a very thin layer of fill material is enclosed in the cover and quilted lengthwise.

Summer duvet

Light duvet

For the Light duvet, a thin layer of the respective fill material is enclosed in the cover and quilted lengthwise to make the Light duvet the classic summer duvet.

All-seasons duvet

Duo-Light duvet

For the Duo-Light duvet, two thin layers of fill material are enclosed in the cover and quilted. The air trapped between the two layers creates an increased insulation effect of these duvets.

All-seasons duvet

Solo duvet

Light all-seasons duvet which is ideal for medium heat demand. For the Solo duvet, a layer of fill material is enclosed in the cover and quilted lengthwise.

Winter duvet

Duo duvet

Compared to the Duo-Light duvet, the two layers of the fill material that are enclosed in the cover and quilted are a little bit thicker for the Duo duvet making it an ideal winter duvet.

Four-seasons duvet

Combi duvet

A Combi duvet consists of two separate duvets: a Light duvet and a Duo-Light duvet. Both duvets can be used separately or buttoned together, making it the ideal all-seasons duvet.

Different duvet types and fillings for feather/down and specialty hair fibre duvets

Plain 8 x 10 down duvet

Enjoy your sleep under a super lightweight duvet for low heat demand. The 8 x 10 boxes keep the filling permanently in its proper place allowing superfluous heat to escape through the seams. Simply the ideal duvet for the hottest nights of the year.


Plain 6 x 8 down duvet

Lightweight, airy and drapes beautifully around the body: this duvet features many boxes at a low fill weight. Ideal for all sleepers who do not want it too hot at night. It will not make you sweat, even on mild summer nights.

Plain 5 x 7 down duvet

Never too hot or too cold, but just right: this medium-warm plain down duvet is the perfect seasonal duvet in spring and autumn. It is also perfect for all sleepers with medium heat demand.


4 x 6 baffle box duvet (2 cm internal baffle walls)

The fewer boxes a duvet has, the more these boxes are filled with down and the fluffier and warmer the duvet is. The internal baffle walls prevent thermal bridges, making the duvet the perfect winter duvet.


4 x 6 baffle box duvet (4 cm internal and external baffle walls)

The 4 cm wide internal and external baffle walls offer an exceptionally good heat insulation. Our warmest duvet for those who get cold quickly or sleep with the window open and therefore like it especially warm and snuggly.


Please note:

In all feather/down collections, the number of boxes increases from a duvet size of 200 x 200 cm.



Their properties make contour feathers the ideal fill material for pillows, as they are solid and elastic so that a pillow with a high share of feathers provides substantial support. Moreover, feathers are particularly hygroscopic, which means that they can absorb a lot of moisture and still appear to be completely dry.



Very soft, delicate, lightweight and elastic are all properties which make down the ideal fill material for duvets. Down protects the birds, mainly their breast, from cold. The three-dimensional structure of the down offers special advantages, allowing down to trap more air and warm better than feathers.

Eider down

Once a year, the linings of the abandoned nests of Eider ducks living in the wild are carefully collected by hand, making eider down the most precious down in the world. Their clusters are larger, finer and lighter with denser branches than ordinary down, resulting in a unique thermal insulation – at a lower weight.


Specialty hair fibre duvet

Duvets with a specialty hair fibre filling such as cashmere or camel hair come stitched lengthwise like fibre duvets. This allows the filling, which consists of a soft fleece, to mould to the body contours even better. The length stitching ends a few centimetres before the duvet rim to prevent thermal bridges.



The finest and most luxurious specialty hair fibre in the animal world convinces with diametres of only 15 to 19 micrometres. When combing a Kashmir goat, about 100 to 150 grams of the lightweight and heat insulating wool is harvested, which is hand sorted by colours and washed.

Camel hair

The hair of the two-humped camel is renowned for its temperature balancing properties. It is harvested in spring when temperatures rise and the animals shed their winter coats which weigh about 5 kilograms. We only use the soft, silky golden fluff for our duvets.


Fast drying properties

The innovative CottonTEX finishing absorbs the moisture released while sleeping extremely quickly and redistributes it on the surface, where it can evaporate in record time. The result is an always dry duvet for a perfect sleep atmosphere.All duvet casings in the feather/down collections are finished with this fast-drying CottonTEX fibre.