For a better sleep

Good sleep is worth its weight in gold

We have set out 10 tips for healthy sleep

Have you found your perfect duvet? Congratulations, you have laid the foundation for a refreshing night’s sleep! Apart from selecting the perfect duvet, there are more factors which influence your sleep.


Thoroughly shake your duvet and pillow every morning. Make sure that your mattress can dry – it absorbs up to half a litre of moisture every night.


Wash your pillows and duvets regularly and observe the washing instructions on the label. This ensures the best hygiene in your bedroom.


We all feel better in a bed with fresh bed linen, where we can relax better and fall asleep more quickly.


Air your bedroom in the evening before you go to bed to create the ideal sleep temperature and humidity in your bedroom.


Do not eat right before going to bed and avoid beverages that contain caffeine in the evening.


Sleeping habits are very individual. Adapt your sleep time to your personal requirements, so that you feel well-rested and refreshed throughout the day.


Be as active as you can during the day, get regular exercise and go for a short walk in the evening. This will make you pleasantly tired so that you will fall asleep faster.


Use your bedroom and bed for sleeping only. Laptop, TV and Co. disturb your peaceful sleep.


Let the day fade away consciously. Take plenty of time to calm down and look back on the day. Spoil yourself with beautiful things and relax.


Despite good care, duvets and pillows “age”. We recommend that you buy a new duvet every 7 to 8 years. You should replace your pillow about every 3 years.