Sleep styles

Perfect duvets and pillows for all sleep styles

Whether stomach or back sleeper, every person has his or her very individual sleeping style

We have ideally matching duvets and pillows for all the different sleep styles.


The stomach sleeper

A very intuitive sleep position, but stomach sleepers should make sure not to overstretch their necks to the right, left or back when sleeping. Stomach sleepers are the people who suffer most from back and neck pain. A thin pillow under the shoulder area helps to keep the head in a natural position. Stomach sleepers highly appreciate very flat pillows, like the height adjustable Relax Exquisit neck support pillow, the Relax Pure neck support pillow or the pillow bar pillow with super soft core.


The side sleeper

The side sleeper position is the most frequent and one of the healthiest sleep positions because it reduces pressure on the lungs and relaxes the neck muscles as the head is not bent to the side. What’s more, this sleep position reduces snoring and is a remedy for heartburn. When side sleeping, it is important not to bend the head to close to the chest as this would lead to neck pain. Relatively thick or height adjustable neck support pillows help side sleeper to fill the space between head and mattress for a relaxed lying position.


The sweating sleeper

If you often feel too hot under the duvet, the Dynamic, Famous or Royal duvet could be your first choice. The reason is that the fillings made from highly functional high-tech fibres are either especially breathable, temperature balancing for a pleasant feeling or quickly distribute sweat to a large surface so that it can quickly evaporate. A neck support pillow like the Relax Space additionally cools the head while sleeping.


The back sleeper

Back sleepers support the natural S-shape of the spine best with a neck support pillow. Pillows whose height can be changed (like Royal, Famous, the firm core from the pillow bar or the Relax Exquisit) are ideal for back and side sleepers. The correct pillow height also depends on the mattress: The deeper you fall into the mattress, the thinner the pillow should be. If you get back pain when sleeping on your back, you are recommended to put a pillow under your knees.


The active sleeper

Active sleepers toss and turn from one side to the other and often wake up at night because they are no longer tucked in and therefore lose temperature. Active sleepers are recommended to use the comfort duvet size of 155×220 cm. The extra 20 centimetres at the sides and at the bottom keep you better tucked in. The ideal neck support pillow for active sleepers is made from PU foam which returns faster to its original shape than a memory foam pillow (e.g. the Relax Breath neck support pillow). This keeps the head in a natural position even with frequent changes between the side and back sleeping position.


The cold sleeper

Für den Schlaftypen, dem es schnell kalt wird, empfehlen wir die Bettdecken unserer Kollektionen Famous, Vital oder Harmony . Mit ihrem hohen Kuschelfaktor sind beide Kollektionen für ihre wärmenden Eigenschaften berühmt. Ein wärmendes Kopfkissen, z.B. mit einem Memoryschaum oder eines der Feder-Daune-Kopfkissen Deluxe, hilft zusätzlich, den Körper warm zu halten.