Specialty Hair Fibre Pillows

Premium and luxurious sleep comfort

Camel hair – a true miracle when it comes to softness and warmth

Camel hair boasts fascinating temperature balancing qualities. As the animals live in regions with extreme fluctuations in climate of up to 70 degrees in a day, their hair is a true miracle of nature. With that in mind, our camel hair duvet is also a small miracle of temperature balancing. The Sensual duvets are air permeable, which offers dry sleep comfort thanks to great moisture wicking properties and results in ideal sleep temperature regulation. With its self cleaning and odour neutralising effect, Sensual is not only, but especially, well suited for people suffering from rheumatism and remains so after dozens of washes.
We combined the exceptional specialty hair fibre of camel with our fibre innovation to develop the first washable and tumble dryer safe camel hair duvet in the German market. The secret lies in a complex process in which 15 % of Ingeo, a special fibre produced from corn grains, is added to the filling produced from corn grains to prevent matting or shrinking when washing or tumble drying.
Sensual Pillow with inner pillow

Sensual Pillow with inner pillow

Size (in cm):40x80, 80x80
Casing:Super fine maco percale (100% cotton), quilted with
finest, hand-picked camel fluff (85% camel hair/
15% polylactide), washable up to 60°C, tumble dryer safe
Filling:Woollen balls (97% wool / 3% other fibres), washable at 30 °C
Zipper, removable refill inner pillow
(cover made from 100 % cotton, zipper)

The finest camel hair for naturally healthy sleep

  • With removable refillable inner pillow, can be washed separately
  • Very good moisture balancing properties
  • Snuggly filling of fluffy, soft woollen balls with great fluffiness